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  1. Chrisp4632

    Xenon headlights retro fit

    So a while ago I retro fitted xenon headlights into my 2007 audi a4 b7 8E. The old bcm module would no accept any changes (8E0 907 279M) so I swopped it out for (8E0 907 279N) as advised on here to do and now everything works .....sort of! I have just realised my rear fog lights will not work...
  2. Chrisp4632

    Retro fit xenon headlights issues.

    Hey new to the group and still learning my round VCDS and in need of some help please , im currently retro fitting Xenon headlights into my Audi A4 B7 2007 and im having issues with my BCM module (8E0907279M),original Module in the car will not accept any changes in 09 cent elec...