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  1. rojas

    help please , pinout for SMLS TIGUAN 2019 ? retrofit heated steering whell

    hello friends , I'm doing a retrofit for heated steering wheel, I have SMLS of tiguan 5Q1953569B with 14 pins: and my SMLS of Ateca My19 is this : 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 5 = gnd 6 = lin BCM 7 = KL30 8 = 9 = 10 = 11 = airbag - 12 = airbag + 13 = engine 14 = lin GW 15 = 16 = i only...
  2. rojas

    Change ESP 31 bytes to 41 bytes , what coding ??? 5Q0614517AF to 5Q0614517AQ

    which encoding would be ESP coding 31 bytes converted into 41 bytes? i update to 5Q0614517AQ Descripción del sistema: ESC Número de software: 5Q0614517AF Versión de software: 0398 Número de hardware: 5Q0614517AF Versión de Hardware: H62 Número de serie: 62846000001359 Nombre ODX...
  3. rojas

    Virtual Cockpit

    hi guys !! . Does anyone know how to code the 5F or Virtual Cockpit Does anyone know how to code the 5F or Virtual Cockpit ( 5F0-920-790 ) unit to view the Kombi-instruments menu in "view" of the vehicle menu? , i search in adaptation of 5F but i not know see . :) thx
  4. rojas

    what is this ? "ARA" ???

    equipment_ARA_mechanical equipmen_ARA_optical what is ARA ??? thx
  5. rojas

    calibration of rear camera in MQB

    Hello, is there a guide to calibrate a reversing camera? VAS 6350 with toolkit; in MQB i not know which is not the value, I have to put thx :)
  6. rojas

    CALIBRATION Steering angle sensor ??? any idea ?

    Hi guys , I changed again the ABS unit for retrofit PLA 3.0, but I have the following problem: asks me calibration, basic settings ... is already done and the direction light disappeared, but assistant sloping and ESC is still on and give warnings every time I turn on. the fault is 03 ABS...
  7. rojas

    Reviews for retrofit PLA 2.0 to 3.0

    I'm trying to retrofit to move from PLA 2.0 working perfectly ... to PLA 3.0 I have 2 errors, the EPB i already knew when I made the retrofit to PLA 2.0, but before solving this problem despite the error PLA 2.0 worked perfectly. autoscan i leave if you can provide some idea about the...
  8. rojas

    Request autoscan of skoda and passat B8 with PLA 3.0

    hello guys someone has some autoscan of Passat B8 and Skoda ? I am in the process of retrofitting PLA 2.0 to 3.0 in Seat Leon MY14 very thank you
  9. rojas

    2 faults in stg13 ( retrofit ACC ) ... any idea ?

    hello guys , and I have almost gotten ACC this working , starts and to two seconds fails and leaves a message saying that is not available message. I think all coded, although I think the problem is in the coding of the modules 03 and 13. Any idea that I can help remove the two faults...
  10. rojas

    ECU for PLA 3.0 ?

    hello guys , How ECU is for PLA 3.0? 5QA919298 right? thank you ;)
  11. rojas

    sport mode permanent

    hello guys my car is a style leon 5F, not have driving profile, it is possible to put with VAGCOM permanent sport mode? , how ? thank you
  12. rojas

    it is possible to encode the PLA module?

    it is possible to encode the PLA module stg10 for not attempt to establish communication with EPB? I have adapted park assist "PLA 12 ch." in a seat leon 5F MQB, which has no EPB. The system works perfectly but there is always an error is present. I can do to fix this error...
  13. rojas

    AV in MIB2

    It is possible to incorporate in MIB2 AV input? in MIB1 if possible through this adapter RCA / mitsumi
  14. rojas

    OPINION coding correct for ACC ???? and disable counication with EPB - Park assist

    Hi all , I need opinion on the module of ABS-03 for the correct coding of ACC I have this now : adapmap: SW:5Q0-907-379-AA HW:5Q0-907-379-G --- ABS Brakes Component:ESC H31 0457, Coding:20EE629214210973007F060241C9240446289000608224F20061F0024009...
  15. rojas

    module 6C supply voltage low ????

    I'm trying to adapt the camera of Audi A3 to Seat Leon, I have good progress but it gives me an error of low voltage, I checked the current camera and receives 6V. This is the mistake of low voltage: Saturday,26,December,2015,19:52:50:22717 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
  16. rojas

    faults stg 01 and stg 13

    After removing the ABS error, I connected the ACC and have these errors, any idea to remove them? thank you ...I have these errors, I guess that one you will not be able to remove it because I not have the activation code. But the others? adapmap stg01: SW:04L-906-021-M HW:04L-907-309-B...
  17. rojas

    warning in FIS ( error of autonomy ) after of change the cluster , basic setting ??

    I changed the cluster, it gives me an error of autonomy in the fis but VCDS not detect any error. I guess it will be some adjustment of fuel tank ... can someone tell me how to make this adjustment to remove the warning?
  18. rojas

    FAULT in 03 change

    Hello friends, I have adopted a new unit ABS, compatible with ACC ... after erasing all faults and make several adjustments, it has just been a mistake. You can help me to correct coding ?. Autoscan : VCDS Version: Release 15.7.3 (x64) Running on Windows 10 x64 Data version: 20151216...
  19. rojas

    I need a adapmap passat B8 , ( stg 65 tire pressure ) please ;)

    Someone is kind enough to send me a module adapmap of stg65 tire pressure? thank you
  20. rojas

    What is the security code module 6C kamera? In MQB

    Hi guys , What is the security code in the module 6C kamera? Thank you