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  1. BobFisher

    Current for bulb recognition

    I replaced some time ago my daytime running bulbs and number plate bulb with LEDs. Of course, the controller now thinks there is are open circuit bulbs. Since the warning is now dysfunctional for these locations, I'd rather never see it than always see it. Anyone know what current the...
  2. BobFisher

    Audi B7 Valet key operation

    I have owned my 2007 B7 Quattro Avant 2.0T for the past 3+ years. It came with a valet key as well as the two remotes. The handbook has only minimal instructions for the valet key but implies that it should open and start the car. I read somewhere that it only allows the car to be driven...
  3. BobFisher

    Speedo reading 30% fast (2007 Audi A4)

    2007 A4 Avant bought used. The speed shown in the digital information display after a reset is approximately correct, within a few %. I have read the blogs on the adaptation to adjust this but have not yet tried to "get it perfect". The speed shown for each wheel from the ABS module is also...
  4. BobFisher

    Lights behaving oddly

    2007 B7 A4 Avant (Canadian) bought used a year ago and still in Canada but planned to be imported to the USA. The headlights are xenon and look like they are the correct type for that model year per my Bentley - i.e. a high/low xenon plus a running light. However, the running lights do not come...