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  1. MELenium

    Retrofitting folding door mirrors

    Hi i have been looking into fitting the folding door mirrors to my 2019 A1 but have been told the door modules are not compatible with folding mirrors so i am looking to see if anyone has folding mirrors fitted and if they could show an autoscan showing which door modules are fitted. My door...
  2. MELenium

    VCDS blocked from 2021?

    On the below forum site which is in German and took me a while to translate, a guy named 491810 wrote that from Q1/2021 the VCDS will not be able to use any adaptations as VW are blocking it. I don't know how true this is or even if he was using a genuine cable. I have a 2019 A1 and I have been...
  3. MELenium

    Channel maps

    Hi I have done a couple of individual channel maps but it keeps saving them as a .CSV file. On the maps page I put in the controller address that I require, then click on measuring values in the function, then click on pre-label file in the output, I then click on go and it goes through the...
  4. MELenium

    Tilt function for front passenger exterior mirror Audi A1(2nd gen)

    I have a Audi A1 2019 2nd generation and I have read in the owners manual that the car could have the option of tilting the passenger mirror by turning the mirror knob to the passenger position and then putting car into reverse. My car does not seem to have this option so is it simply a matter...
  5. MELenium

    erWIN - Audi

    Hi all I'm new here so bare with me and i'm not sure where to ask this question. I have only had my VCDS about 3/4 days and i'm learning as much as I can how to use it. When i'm using the VCDS software it sometimes keeps mentioning to look in the factory workshop manual for my particular car...