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    Seat Ateca 2016 (model year 2017) Retrofit Westfalia trailier hitch

    Hello Can anyone offer some guidance to coding on this for retrofitting a trailer module please? I don't want to start changing the codings and then find it's dealer only because of the Auto Distance Regulation or ESP Monday,04,September,2017,13:54:08:22523 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    IP, Mask and Gateway reversed after submitting

    I've tried this on my Android phone (Galaxy S3 Android 4.3), and two Windows 7 laptops in Firefox and IE While connected to the HEX-NET in AP mode, I click network profile 2 and add my IP, subnet mask and gateway addresses. After submitting them I tried to connect the HEX-NET but could not. It...
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    Android 4.3 wouldn't stay connected to HEX-NET in AP mode

    Nothing wrong with HEX-NET, just something that might help someone else who gets this problem I couldn't make my Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3 stay connected to my HEX-NET in AP mode until I unticked a setting At first I was seeing a message saying "Network disabled because Internet connection...