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    Polo 9c DPF fault code P2002 008194

    Hi I have a problem with a 2008 vw polo 9c, 1.4 TDI BMS engine code, I cant find a DPF pressure sensor reading in 08 measure block values, does any one where this is or if its possible to read this through VCDS, also I believe P2002 is either down to a fault pressure sensor which I have tested...
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    DSG failure, no drive

    Hi there we have a 2012 golf with no drive, dsg 7 speed. I need info on what the oil pressure in the mechatronics unit should be. Ive looked on ErWin with no luck, any help would be great thanks.
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    New to this

    Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read this can you tell me why some of the vehicles are ghosted out in grey in the wiki, I would like to chose a 20010 seat Ibiza but I cant because on my computer it is ghosted out, it has the previous one a 2002 Ibiza but not the latest. Im trying to...
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    2007 SKODA ROOMSTER 5J login

    I have a skoda roomster 2007 5j, neither front electronic windows work, in measuring block in central electronics it says not installed for both. I have tried the coding but it wont accept as I don't have login code. Can anyone tell me where or if I can get this please, thanks.