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  1. Andy4195

    Tiguan mk2 Front wiper teardrop wipe

    As the title says does anyone know how to activate the front wiper teardrop wipe, the rear wiper has the teardrop wipe must be standard as ive not activated it’s, i notice from reading threads about the golf it’s in 09 central electric however when connected to my 2017 tiguan I’m unable to make...
  2. Andy4195

    Interior lights on when turning off ignition

    I have a 2017 SEL VW Tiguan. I have noticed that when I push the button to turn the car off, the interior lights do not come on, which leaves me sitting in a dark car trying to gather my stuff like keys and bag in the dark until I open the drivers door, I’ve looked on car settings but not found...
  3. Andy4195

    Activating ambient light colours

    I’m a new user and I just bought the hex 2 , I have a 2017 Tiguan sel, I’m wanting to activate the colours for ambiance lighting on dash and door cards, any help greatly appreciated,Thanks.