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  1. Bruce

    What Ross-Tech level needed for 2007 VW Beetle 09G 6A transmission filter service or valve body replacement?

    Hi, All of our VCDS products support your 2007 Beetle. On a budget, I recommend you consider our low cost wired, USB, Windows based HEX-V2 Enthusiast. Prices start at $199 Want to get away from wires and go wireless or want to use your phone when you are on the road? Consider the HEX-NET...
  2. Bruce


    @Mike@Gendan, is this something you are hearing more complaints about? We have not heard complaints. Our tools meet the required standards. Early on, VAG had models that had trim issues (and did not meet the standard) with access to the DLC. Didn't think it would come back in recent models.
  3. Bruce

    Hex net unit repair.

    Hi Frank, I am the guy that told the local dealer in Norway. I am not one of the techs on our team but - I'll make sure someone comes along to answer here. Questions: What does the unit do when plugged in? Can you tell us the status of the lamps? Have you tried holding the red switch for...
  4. Bruce

    Update to the VCDS software!

    Here in the US, professionals can use VAG's own software running through a J2534 pass through tool. If the shop signs up, paying to have the full access, they can have all the data available to the dealership including the ability to program immo based items. You have been told correctly...
  5. Bruce

    Cable looking a bit tired

    Hi Chris. You purchased a HEX+CAN device from Ilexa. I am guessing you are speaking about the USB wire and that the molded section over the USB connector is beginning to fail / the wire is pulling out of the molded section. The USB wire can be replaced. As we have stopped production of...
  6. Bruce

    W12 Overheating slowly

    Why do people do such things? In these cars with the small tubes, isn't it obvious one should not use something like stop leak? Special coolants are required... crazy.... and sad...
  7. Bruce

    Hex-V2 Not able to update or register

    Paperwork will confirm. The unit was bought either on ebay or Amazon - I'd put money on it. Our resellers are not permitted to sell in these channels owing to the difficulty of the clone sales. Also, the price will not have been our retail price. It will be much less. The finish is...
  8. Bruce

    Hex-V2 Not able to update or register

    So your boss considers our word to be what - invalid? We're just trying to sell you on a higher priced tool? I doubt we can help your situation. Your boss will reject anything we post. It's a clone. We know it to be clone made in China. We fight these battles every single day. If that...
  9. Bruce

    Golf GTD Mk7 Fault Codes Post Timing Belt Change

    It does not report as a sensor fail. It reports a correlation error. That means the 2 sensors, the CAM and the Crank sensors are not syncing - ie, it is out of time. I doubt this is a failed sensor. I think it is a failed job on the timing belt.
  10. Bruce

    Hex-V2 Not able to update or register

    How To Post Pictures
  11. Bruce

    Golf GTD Mk7 Fault Codes Post Timing Belt Change

    Yes. They did not get the timing belt on right and things are not properly aligned. I would suggest getting it back to the garage as soon as possible. Don't keep driving it.
  12. Bruce

    3rd KeyFob Add Procedure?

    Key matching to a 2019 model usually requires a factory tool. VAG went to a dialog based programming which must be done with the factory servers to which VAG does not give RT tools access. As such, key programming is not something supported since about 2005... So you will not find a...
  13. Bruce

    Hex-V2 Not able to update or register

    To confirm what I think to be the problem, a photo of the unit would be helpful.
  14. Bruce

    Golf MK7 all stock, cranks but no start?

    Your guess would be accurate - he exists! I also believe Uwe and I are quite "flage-ist" people Don. Seems we practice at it regularly! In fact, I think we hire only those who possess some flair for persiflage. You know how that goes? One often hires people with a similar self-image? Well...
  15. Bruce

    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    So the x-axis of your chart is not time. :confused: Wouldn't time be more meaningful? After all, you know that the final value is going to be SoC of 90% - right? By definition, if one lets it go full charge, it takes it to 90%. Seems to me that time would be more meaningful. No doubt...
  16. Bruce

    2004 Golf 2.0 gasoline engine - rich at idle and randomly shudders under medium load

    Did you consider the online erWin manual direct from VW? Official Factory Repair Information Get a flash drive and download all the pdfs for about $35.... I think that is the one day access price.
  17. Bruce

    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    Seems to me they were trying to hold voltage at 375... once the voltage hit 375, they began dropping the current. The battery temp continued to rise....
  18. Bruce

    Can VCDS be used to set actuator rod and stop screw on turbo

    the autoscan tells us a lot more than just what faults are present. Without it, we have no means to look up details to try to answer your questions. Hence the request.
  19. Bruce

    Golf MK7 all stock, cranks but no start?

    Does seem entirely appropriate that Uwe would be named as an "industrious sharp sword". Have you ever been on the receiving side of his cutting whit? It is sharp and applied liberally at times! :D ;) Just having some fun at your expense boss!:p
  20. Bruce

    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    makes perfect sense... battery voltage and battery temp held relatively constant, changing the charging amps to deliver the required power. Seems the battery temp rose 15degC during charging to its max temp of around 40C. Battery voltage topped out at 400vdc, the max permitted... So the...