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  1. NEtech

    Seat Leon 2014MY MQB, TPMS fault

    Maybe try this coding for [03-ABS] 20EE8A92242109740077060541C8240451249000608224F200610070C002
  2. NEtech

    Seat Leon - problem with Undefined Control Module modules

    Also try this coding for [4B] 000000070900094200000940000000000000000000000000000000000000 And do front light calibration.
  3. NEtech

    Cluster Swap - Fraud

    MWB 109 showing 345000 km, is Driving statistics. Driven 345000 km, in D and S with CC 95%, in S without CC 0.5%, in tiptronic 3.5%
  4. NEtech

    Alternator LIN bus version

    Just open CSV files as text (Notepad), copy and paste. Here is History data for Alternator:
  5. NEtech

    Basic settings lupo transmision not possible

    Instead of USB cable, could you try and connect direct to HEX-NET with wifi, in AP (Access Point) mode, then try the Basic Setting.
  6. NEtech

    Alternator LIN bus version

    From Partslink24, a 059 903 019 A Bosch Alternator, use 07K 903 803 Voltage regulator Please post Controller Channel Maps from the CAN Gateway and Battery history file [Applications] [Controller Channel Map] - Controller Address = 19 - Login or security code: Leave blank - Function: Measuring...
  7. NEtech

    2011 Seat ibiza ESP8.2, lost coding..

    Maybe test this: 130224DB817000BAC82624E381D600921300
  8. NEtech

    Skoda Citigo BCM Replacement

    Yes VCDS can do that.:)
  9. NEtech

    Lost ABS Coding (VW UP! / EBC 460 MABS)

    First write numbers for wsc, importer, device no. described here [Save] [Close VCDS] Start VCDS Copy this file to C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels\User I am not sure if this is accepted: 11BF247189B300F6880124F591B10080580100 if message about coding to long then: [Security Access - 16] Enter S12345...
  10. NEtech

    Cluster coding

    Maybe test: 163B600D21260003680B06EB841C0080B100
  11. NEtech

    Latest LCode version

    Here is the latest LCode test version. {} {Pull-down menu bug}
  12. NEtech

    Dynamic environmental data - what is it?

    I don't know what other tester show or not show, but the 2 examples you showed, seems to come from this thread. And from the text, it is from obdeleven. Do you have any VCDS Autoscan where similair "Dynamic environmental data" is showed ?
  13. NEtech

    Dynamic environmental data - what is it?

    These are not good examples, they are not made with VCDS. If they where made with VCDS, I would think, the extra freeze frame data where showed, like this random example: Engine: operating status: IS STATE_LS_SAE[1]: OL_CDN T_AST_SAE: 206 s MAP_MES_SAE: 33 kPa Lambda probe voltage: bank 1: probe...
  14. NEtech

    2019 Audi Q8 - Level Control Issue

    Copy this file to C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels\User Use showed SA. Do what you think you should do.
  15. NEtech

    2019 Audi Q8 - Level Control Issue

    Please post an Auto-Scan so we can see how it is equipped. What is the SA needed for ? Is it for suspension calibration, does anybody know procedure and if an SA is necessary for that?
  16. NEtech

    Latest LCode version

    Yes I saw, I have tested yesterday and today. It was fixed 2.0.9, now There is no information to choose in Experimental coding for these Bytes!
  17. NEtech

    Latest LCode version

    Here is the latest LCode test version. {} {More anchor bug from resize change}
  18. NEtech

    2021 SQ5 Prestige Trailer Coding

    From Partslink24, it looks to me, you should need "8W1 907 383 A" for Trailer module.
  19. NEtech

    Latest VCDSToolbox version

    New version, link is updated in #1. { 21.4.2 } Additional info for service history, from Drag and drop file named: "blockmap-17*.csv" These models have a high resolution mileage, seems to be 1 mm instead of normal 1 meter ! (4G) 2013-2018? (4H) 2010-2017? (7P5) 2013-2014 (7P6) 2015-2018? If...