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    Some Interior lights not working after headliner work

    My MKV R32 had the issue of headliner falling down so I found a cheap place to replace the fabric. Not bad of a job with the new fabric, however some of the interior lights are not working now. 1. The vanity mirror lights (sun visors) and the dome lights in the back are not working. 2. The dome...
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    Reguest adapmaps (5F) Information Electronics Module. Golf7 with MIB2 and Dyanaudio.

    If the scan can be done with latest Beta version (16.6) will be better, since for 5F it reports more adaptation channels than 15.7.4 Thanks!
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    Need 5F long code and Adaptation Channels for a Golf7 with MIB2 (MIBII) and Dynaudio

    If anyone can share the 5F control module (Info electronics) long code AND adaptation channels content will be highly appreciated. It has to be an scan from a MK7 Golf with MIB2 and Dynaudio sound system.If you are the hero I am looking for, please clarify the following: 1. MK7 Golf Model. e.g...
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    Golf7 with MIB2 and Fender move to Dynaudio. Long coding help

    My first post here! after ~9 years of using VCDS! Now to the point: I have a 2016 Golf R NA version. It comes with MIB2 and Fender Audio System. I am not happy with the Fender overall performance and I am exploring the option to retrofit a Dynaudio Excite system which is the standard one in EU...