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    New to me MKV GTI - How bad is it? Help please

    Picked up a new to me GTI as a first car for my kid. Paid $2,500 with 98,000 miles, solid interior and body, a few extras (boost gauge, Black Forest shifter (automatic), CAI, BSH PVC. Factory moon roof, leather, navigation. New brakes and rotors, recent inspection...How bad could it be...
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    Hi from New Hope, PA

    Hi Folks, Is there an Andy in the house? I think that was the guys name I met at a porsche dealer cars and coffee event I went to when we picked up a 2002 MK1 TT roadster with 50k miles recently. We bought it to replace our totaled 1980 FIAT 124 Spider (other driver pulled out in front of me...