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    C7.5 S7 - Tail lights with daytime running lights

    Hello, I found a tweak to turn on my rear tail lights with my DRLs using the following coding: Tail lights on with front DRLs [Select] [09-Central Electric] [Coding - 07] [Long Coding Helper] Click on byte 2 and enable bit 7 The coding was accepted and my tail lights now turn on with my...
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    MY2017 C7.5 MMI front/rear camera view not showing in full screen

    I noticed that the front/rear camera view on my 2017 S7 P+ is displaying a split-screen, as opposed to a full screen, which is what I am used to. I have triple-checked all the MMI settings and I do not see a way to change this. Interestingly enough, I spent some time looking at pictures within...
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    New to me Audi S7 - first AutoScan revealed a few faults - do you see anything concerning?

    Hello, I just acquired a new to me 2017 Audi S7, which is still covered by the original factory warranty for another year. I see no warning lights on the dashboard, and as far as I can tell all the systems are currently functioning, though I have not yet been able to verify the active lane...
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    Audi C7 parking lights?

    I would like to enable the Euro parking lights feature on my 2012 A7, and I found part of the coding, but that only seem to enable the front LEDs/side markers and not the tail lights. Can you please tell me what else needs to be done in addition to the steps below to fully enable this feature on...
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    Audi A7 interior LED lighting question

    On my 2012 A7 Prestige all of the interior and exterior lights are LED, except the two lights inside the trunk compartment. I would like to replace them with LED (if they are available) so they would match the rest of the car. Does anybody know if this option is available on the newer models...
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    Audi A6/A7 instrument cluster tweak to show compass?

    I noticed that the newer models A6's and A7's have a digital compass in the upper right corner of the instrument cluster, where on my 2012 A7 it only says NAV. Is it possible to tweak a setting with VAG-COM to have the cluster display a compass like on the newer models?
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    2012 Audi A7 - Gearbox malfunction, 12550 - Signal Line for Gear Display on Selector

    Upon starting my car this evening I got a warning "Gearbox malfunction, you can continue driving". The message appeared several times and then went away. I ran a full scan (see attached), but the error code appears to be 12550 - Signal Line for Gear Display on Selector Lever. Has anybody come...
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    2012 Audi A7 taillight coding

    I am trying to find out what is the "Rest of the World" taillight coding for the A7. In particular I am interested to see if there is a way to use only the led strip as a turn signal; currently the whole taillight is flashing and acting as a turn signal, even with the brakes applied.
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    2012 Audi A7 - Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error

    I am looking for any assistance with this error code... It will not clear, but I do not have any warning indicators and the car seems to be perfectly fine. This is some kind of combi sensor that costs over $1,000 so I am guessing that it is somewhat important...