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    Warning display after KW shock install on Audi 2016 S3

    After replacement of OEM shocks with KW shocks, the suspension fault display now comes on maybe after 10 miles. When the car is restarted, the code is off only to reappear after another couple of miles. The car has been slightly lowered with the shock install. I have posted the autoscan. Yes...
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    Airbag compatibility-steering wheel swap

    I am swapping a prior swapped GTi flat bottom wheel on a 2010 Passat. The new flat bottom wheel is from a 2012 Tiguan. We will need a new 1T0 880 201 AA81U air bag to fit new wheel. Old air bag is a different shape. Will this air bag be electronically compatible with existing clock spring...
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    2007 VW Rabbit TPMS for non TPMS car

    The car has transmitters installed but no TPMS!! Any suggestions? Wednesday,08,June,2016,17:01:08:54023 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20160216 Dealer/Shop Name: Frey VIN: WVWBS71K07W128421...
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    Steering wheel swap mfsw 2010 gti to 2007

    I purchased a 2010 gti multifunction steering wheel for my 2007 vw rabbit 2 door non steering wheel controls- low line mfd. After purchase of the new airbag and installation at the dealer neither the air bag is connected nor does the horn work. I am mainly interested in the ability to adjust...