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    Caddy Highline 2019 1.4 TSI Tweaks

    Hi there, i have adaptive cruise control radar badge at the front and the sensor on the window for auto main beam, does anyone know if i can enable lane assist or any other mods? Also the steering wheel has voice control which is locked it say go to dealer, can i unlock it with VCDS? Thanks in...
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    Re Fault Code 0010 - 1110

    Hi all, was fiddling with the coding on my new van, no. 65 was not there before. I have restored any changed settings to original values and this error won’t go, how do I remove it? 19- CAN Gateway - Status Malfunction 0010 65 - Tire Pressure - Status - Malfunction 1110 No.65 was never there...
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    New Caddy Highline Autolock

    Hi there, not used the Ross Tech much recently purchased, I just bought a brand new Caddy Highline van the doors don't lock automatically like my old Renault van. I looked at the long coding and Autolock is there, i ticked the box, exited long coding and pressed the Do It button but auto lock is...
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    Caddy Van 2019 Subwoofer Wiring

    Hi there, I want to connect a Kenwood subwoofer to the Discover media that came with the van. I am trying to find out which wires are the speaker wires on the back of the unit, can't find any VW wiring diagrams anywhere. The wiring on the Kenwood has the option of Yellow and Red RCA connections...