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    Hi guys, I really appreciate any comments about the code I got, and car is running very strange, looks like ABS works all the time... But, when codes becoming on the dash, everything goes fine, besides lots of DTC´s.... Monday,24,December,2018,10:17:59:23965 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    MAP sensor issue

    Hi, I am facing some issues related to MAP sensor, and despite have already replaced sensor and plug, these faults still remain..... Any suggestion about solution? Thanks in advance. Address 01: Engine Labels: 06J-907-115-CCZ.clb Control Module Part Number: 06J 906...
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    Fuse Diagram Passat 2012

    Hi, Does anybody have the Fuse Diagram from Passat 2012? Thanks Sydney
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    Hi, Is it possible to increase brightnes of DRL´s LED? I have seen how to do this in headlights, but not in DRL..... Thanks Sydney
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    Kessy (3C Passat)

    Hi, I had my rear passenger door fixed, and now I can´t solve a Kessy issue..... I have already tried take out the door conector, but no success..... Any help? Friday,30,October,2015,14:47:43:23965 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8.1 x64 VCDS Version: (x64)...
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    3 BAR MAP sensor

    Does anyone have a 3 BAR MAP reading at idle with 2.0 TSI K04 APR V 3.1? I keep finding around 1100 mbar, and I am not sure if it´s OK..... Tks
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    VCID: 7DF46F4D24ACF3D63D-8028 1 Fault Found: 049409 - No Communication with Transmission Control Module U0101 - 000 - - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency...
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    Drver Window Closing

    I searched in the forum, but couldn´t see any tip.... I can´t close the driver window with one touch opens at onde tocuch, and all the other windows operate normal..... I tried to change the coding via VCDS but no success..... Please, any tips about? Thanks
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    Hi, The last 3 times I tried to log using Advanced Measures with 12 parameters, instead I got the "STOP" after starting, I got this "Resume"....and it don´t save the data.... I used to do this all the time, but it seems that something is diff now...... Any help? Thanks
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    Advanced Measures

    I am not allowed to do advanced measures anymore (log)..... Any ideas what can be wrong? I just tried in another car (Tiguan) not worked, and now doesn´t work even in my car....... Thanks
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    Logs with new PC

    I am using a new PC with Windows 8.1 64 bits and today when I went to do some logs, I wasn´t able to save. It says that isn´t finding the logs folder.....
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    Erasing faults

    Hi, I have seen people saying that you can clean codes disconnecting battery cables and holding them for 5 min..... Does it really works? If yes, does it just clean the codes, or you can lose all things you have in memory, like seat position, rain sensor programing, etc ? Thanks Sydney
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    TBA Passat 2011/12 CCZB engine

    Hi, Does anyone know if the 2011/12 CCZB 2.0 TSI engine uses KWP 7000 for a TB alignment? I am trying to do like KWP 2000, group 60, but got no success. Thanks
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    Adjusting Idle

    Hi, I have a 2011/12 Passat, 2.0 TSI MED 17.5.2 ECU, K04 APR kit, and would like to raise a little bit the idle rpm.... Is there a way to do that using VCDS? I tried through Adaptation 01, but it´s not possible to change the 128 standard for the 132 or any other value.... Thanks for any...