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    Change over from HBA to DLA

    Hmmmm..... Don't know, but when I perform the " Actuator diagnose - 03" I can manually command the reflectors separately up, so I assume they are standard in the low position.
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    Change over from HBA to DLA

    My bad, copy paste thing, just checked 09, BCM byte 02 is truly hex0F (Binary = 0000 1111)
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    Change over from HBA to DLA

    Saturday,16,January,2021,16:22:37:54550 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version: 20201124 DS322.0 Dealer/Shop Name: MyOwnWorkshop Workshop Code: 052 82536 013366 VIN: WVWZZZAUZDW146901 License Plate: 2-KJK-16...
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    Change over from HBA to DLA

    Hi, Had an accident, both front lights damaged, on short notice I could obtain two COMPLETE units 5G1 941 033 and 034 wit ALL original modules on it. Changed some coding in 09 central electronics ( Byte 02, le hex0B = 0000 1011 in hex0E = 0000 1110 and byte 06 bit 5-6 00 xenon-shutter (PR-8ID...
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    Adaptive Cruise Control Speed Limit

    Hi, My car, Golf MK 7, has Adaptive Cruise Control. The speed limit is set at 160. I often drive in Germany where there is genrally no speed limit. I'd like to get rid of this maximum speed on the ACC. Where can I set or remove this limit? I know that it can be set, collegue of mine has also...
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    Retrofit Xenon Headlights Golf MK7

    Hi all, Sure not the right spot to post, however retrofits is not open for me yet. Retrofitted Xenons on my 2013 MK7 Golf as per : As far as I can check the connections are correct but the AFS isn't functioning though there is possibility to read out motors in the headlights...