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    2021 Golf GTI (NAR/US), 2.0T E888

    Assuming the alligator ate it all correctly, autoscan and adaptation maps as my car came from the factory: AutoScan: 3VW5T7AU7MM005896 Tuesday,05,January,2021,19:28:40:07636 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET2 CB: 0.4529.4...
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    Traffic Sign Recognition (2021 Golf GTI - NAR Mk7.5)

    One of the big MMI tweaks I'd like to enable is traffic sign recognition (not because I need it, I just think it's cool). I'm not entirely sure it's possible on this car though - I've only managed to get it half-working (shows up but displays no signs). Short Version: I think the issue has to...