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    HEX-NET Feedback

    Just completed an Autoscan with HEX-NET debug level 2 ( some adaptation channels not completed ) on a year 2006 Audi Q7 3.0TDI v6 with 27 Controllers present and it went through all controllers and all 255 adaptation channels on the required controllers ( total time over 1 hour ) with no...
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    VCDS Mobile stops during AUTO-SCAN search

    Hi, Using the HEX-NET in Infrastructure Mode the programme seems to stop or hang when it comes to a Control Unit with Label: none or ReDir: Fail I have tried it many many times and it always only gets to 7% but after switching to AP Mode and doing the same AUTO-SCAN I can get the full list but...
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    HEX-NET Firmware Update Required

    Hi, My HEX-NET has just alerted me that it needs a " Firmware Update " and that I should log into VCDS Mobile to download the update, but when I log into VCDS Mobile and go to " Update " I get a Time Out error and I cannot make the update. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue or has...