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    2015 VW Sharan Ad Blue defect

    Hi, Once again we are after some assistance. We have in a 2015 VW Sharan that is displaying "Vehicle will not start in 25 miles unless AD blue is topped up", there are no fault codes stored and the additive tank is full. In live data it shows 80% full and we have tried to reset SCR tank levels...
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    2015 Seat Leon DPF fault

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could offer any advice to help resolve the problem on this car. It has the engine light on and coil light flashing. The fault codes are as per the auto scan I have attached. I cannot activate a dynamic regen because when I select the security section and hover over the...
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    VW Touareg ABS fault

    Hi, We are after some help with an ABS fault on a 2003 VW Touareg. The chassis number of the vehicle is WVGZZZ7LZ4D020262. There is no communication with the ABS ecu. We have established that there is no live feed to the ABS ecu on terminal 4. With some help from autodata (we are a paying...
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    Seat Toledo cruise control retrofit

    Hi, this is my first post on here and I was hoping someone may be able to help. We are trying to retrofit cruise control to a 2013 Seat Toledo with a NH chassis code. The customer has supplied a replacement indicator stalk with cruise control. Following the retrofit guidelines on Ross Tech...