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  1. stefdds

    What do I have? 2007 Skoda Roomster

    Hi from the USA, if you are interested in tweaking your system or diagnosing faults and getting support on the forum, you will need to get a legitimate VCDS product. Looks like your cable is of "unknown origins". Perhaps you can get a refund and purchase from a listed dealer. All the best.
  2. stefdds

    New User - Looking for help clearing a Software Code

    I hear yah Yukon, I suppose you could email that person and mention your fault and ask if he is aware of this happening. The Audi forums are a great resource, but often times the details are not addressed (selective omission). But, I think ultimately you should consider getting the oem Audi...
  3. stefdds

    New User - Looking for help clearing a Software Code

    Great question Colin; I can't tell you how many posts/questions/faults I've read with half a dozen (or more) reply's, and possible fixes, only to find out the member with the original question has purchased a aftermarket part OR unknown origin software (BTW, a very sensitive subject around...
  4. stefdds

    Audi RSQ3 red dash inserts part numbers

    Hi, I have purchased from this seller in the past ; he may be able to help as he sources genuine Audi parts and retro-fit parts routinely. To be clear however, he is in business to sell parts and not information. But, I think if you make it clear that you will purchase from him, he would be...
  5. stefdds

    A Sad Day

    Mike Dotson 25th Dec 2019 @Google ★★★★★ After being misdiagnosed by both an independent repair shop and an Audi dealer, i came across Jack in the Ross-tech forums. Jack without any prompting called me when u only expected a generic email. Over the course of a month jack reached out to check on...
  6. stefdds

    A Sad Day

    My condolences to his friends and family.
  7. stefdds

    Lots of Problems

    As Morski implies above, is there a "back story" to this problem occurring ? The repair may get corrected A-lot quicker if all those who read your post have a understanding of what happened.
  8. stefdds

    I got scammed by Total car Diagnosis

    IF you used a CC , you can get your 99 bucks back!
  9. stefdds

    2006 Audi A4 2.0 FSI - Intermittent P0301

    Keep this in mind , just because the injectors were rebuilt, doesn't mean they are "OK" . I have had an issue with rebuilt injectors on other cars only to finally purchase band new OEM's. Also, its a long shot (but very possible) Denso s-plugs are spec'ed usually for Japanese cars(?) ; I have...
  10. stefdds

    [21030] UDS SRI tool only works on RELEASE version - not DRV

    Now we are getting somewhere! Welcome to America !! :thumbs:
  11. stefdds

    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?
  12. stefdds

    Testbench setup?

    Hi Don, I certainly understand ; not exactly elegant ! All the best, Stefan
  13. stefdds

    Testbench setup?

    I just wanted to mention this vendor ; I think is along the same lines ,so to speak, as your test bench idea.... but a bit larger. But , it may get you started and you can refine from there. Obviously, it is manufacturer specific: this fellow, it appears, purchases a entire salvage car and cuts...
  14. stefdds

    Need to post auto scan

    HI, in the mean time , I would post a Autoscan (in this section) as it can always be moved. You will certainly need it for any future questions. Welcome.
  15. stefdds

    Service light reset Oil Quality

    OK, in that case you are going to need to post that Autoscan if you would like to take advantage of the established members .... in the know! Cheers! Stefan I wasn't even aware that that system could analyze "oil quality" !!
  16. stefdds

    Need help

    Snipe, Are you planning on getting Verified?
  17. stefdds

    Service light reset Oil Quality

    Are you referring to the SRI reset ? If so, be sure the key is ON, engine off. Follow the prompts. Be sure to select your model or country from the pull down menu. Another "project" for you is to post a unedited Autoscan as you will need it posted for other concerns that come up in the future!
  18. stefdds

    Differential Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor

    BTW, I seem to recall Jeff from RT helping a "user" regarding testing a circuit/wiring : DVOM vs. test light with (incandescent bulb type) If you have a partially severed / broken wire the DVOM will read "normal" values ; while if it is tested with a test light and thus carry a load (bulb), it...
  19. stefdds

    Differential Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor

    Regarding your voltage check, sure its ok..... at that moment! The dealer is revealing to you that it uses a "parts cannon approach" ie, change everything! That isn't diagnosing the problem. I would take what they say with a grain of salt! Unfortunately, if there isn't much or any profit in...
  20. stefdds

    Differential Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor

    OK, this is a good time to now go to the wiring and wiggle it around, or even pull on it a bit or check where it is fastened ..... if you get a fault then it is potentially the connection or the wiring. Also, when you unplug the connectors, use some dielectric grease on them! You could easily...