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    DPF issues, regeneration every 400 km

    Greetings fellow VW&Audi lovers, As the title suggests, I'm facing a problem that might potentially cost me a lot of money so I'm hoping someone experienced this same issue and can share a few words of advice with me. The DPF light started coming on a couple of months ago intermittently...
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    Diesel filter change - caution

    Greetings fellow VW/Audi lovers, First of all, I have no intention to mock VCDS or discourage anyone from doing a filter change but i’d like to point out that the VCDS’s fuel pump priming might not work the same on every car. Yesterday I was doing my major service on my 1.6 CAYC and found...
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    I reseted minimum deviation injector quantity, o2 and maf values

    Greetings fellow vw/audi lovers, I purchased a genuine vcds a couple of weeks ago and today i decided to play with things i dont quite understand yet(i intend to). As the title says, i reseted some values and now my car is a bit sluggish, delayed throttle response and very rough and loud when...