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    A4 8K - Homelink retrofit

    Hi, I'm trying to retrofit Homelink garage door opener on my A4 8K, but I just can't find the way to connect the 3 button-unit to the J393 calculator. This calculator is in the back of my car, and the cables I have don't go to the back... The wiring guide indicates to connect the unit to the...
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    Hi from France !

    Hi, New owner of an HEX-NET interface, and new member of the ross-tech community... I live in France and I have A4 B8 and Golf mk6 cars.
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    Where is the "installation list" function ?

    I recently installed a trailer hitch on my A4 B8, and I wasn't able to complete the coding with my HEX-NET + VCDS mobile. The last step was checking the trailer in the installation list function of the gateway (19). The problem was I didn't find this function... I solved the problem taking a...