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    Golf 7 Retrofit Golf R-Line headlights

    Hello At first my English is not that good, so bear with me. My front headlight on my 2013 Golf 7 was hit by a large rock while driving. It left a big hole in it, so it need replacement. Got my hand on two headlights from a Golf R-line. Almost similar headlights, but these headlights had one...
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    VW T5 2010 mod Engine CAAC, DPF light on, no DTC

    Hello. This T5 came inn whit cloged DPF. Used VCDS and regenerated the DPF. Deleted DTC and all is fine. But the DPF light is on permanently and there is no DTC. Replaced the G450 an adapted it whit VCDS. No change. I have used the car for many km now, but noe help. MVB on soot is fine. Any...
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    VW T5 2010 mod Engine CAAC in limp mode

    Hello I got a 2010 T5 Whit a CAAC enging. Every now and then it goes into limp mode and the glowing light is flashing. VCDS autoscan says P0087 fuel preassure to low. Ive been struggeling whit this problem a while. Last week i meassured return flow on injectors. The walues where to high and i...
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    DSG MVB interpretation

    Hello. Thank you in advance for response. I am completely new to this forum and probably need a little education , but I have a long experience with troubleshooting VAG cars ;-) Is there any how to`s for reading and interpretation of MVB of 6- and 7 speed DSG ? I'm thinking for example of...
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    passat 03C ABS

    I have changed the parking brake control unit. After I changed the parking brake control unit , the coding of ABS disapered. I want the correct code to enter in ABS and parking brake Wednesday,20,April,2016,18:43:14:44240 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS...