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    A4 b6 2002 1.8t engine coding security access needed

    Hello, I changed my a4 b6 ecu and the new ecu has different drivetrain setup. I need security access code in engine group to be able to change coding, i assume? I get error 31 coding rejected when trying to modify coding Wednesday,02,September,2020,19:55:17:43954 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    A5 b8 facelift headlight retrofit

    Hello, I am going on with a5 2011 facelift conversion, everything is fitted and car is working, but I need to get some coding sorted out. The DRL's are working ok, park lights are not functioning, I have swapped Bi-xenon lights to facelift Bi-xenon lights, I quess some coding is needed to get...
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    A5 B8 mfsw retrofit issues

    Helo all, I recently registered to the forum and still waiting to have my vcds verified. I have question related to multifunctrion steering wheel install on my car My original clockspring was 8r0953568j with no support to mfsw, I installed 8r0953568K version which accepted the long coding...