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    Steering issue on MkVII GTI

    My 2016 GTI has some weird steering issues going on when the engine revs reach a certain point or when accelerating. To be more specific, I can rev the engine while going down the road in neutral and the wheel will slightly go right. I have also noticed that when in stop and go traffic around...
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    Way to reset fuel gauge reading?

    My MK7 GTI's fuel level reading is way off. At "5 miles to empty" I can only put ~10 gallons of fuel in. The needle never seems to reach all the way to full and the range of 400 miles when newly filled turns out to be 270 miles before low fuel warning comes on. Is there a way to reset the fuel...
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    Critical SD Error

    I've done all the steps previously mentioned on other threads. Nothing has helped. Still have the SD CRITICAL ERROR and awful network connectivity with downloading ASAM data each time. Half the time it won't work. Can you send me a new one?
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    Where can I log Boost (actual and specified) with VCDS 15.7 with Hex-Net

    Hi everyone, I'm a new VCDS user and I'm having a hard time finding the ability to log "boost pressure - actual and specific) that I've been requested to log to possibly diagnose my car. I have a 2015 VW GTI 6MT (US), Hex-Net and VCDS 15.7 on a Windows PC. I can find "manifold charge pressure"...