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    SKODA Superb 3 - Made a mistake to reset Engine Service Interval counter. Help!

    Hi all, I've made the overhaul on my Skoda Superb 3 last week-end, since it had reached 45000 km. Since I didn't have my VCDS with me, I've reset the ESI manually with the button. Today, I've tried to do it properly with my VCDS since the km-counter seemed correctly reset, but the time counter...
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    Audi Q3: Zero setting of the Brake fluid pressure transmitter 1 - G201 ?

    Hi all, I intend to replace the brake fluid on our Audi Q3 (8U MY2015 - TDI 150HP). The service manual indicates that after fluid replacement on the 4 wheels, a zero setting must be performed on the brake fluid pressure transmitter 1 (G201). Then a test drive and ABS triggering must be done...
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    Audi Q3 8U MY2015 : Unable to erase default codes after repair ?

    Hi all, Early last week, a rodent has made a real mess on the cabling of our Audi Q3. - Harness for rake fluid level monitoring : cut - Harness for 2 left front sensors of the Park Assist system : cut (in 3 parts) - Harness of Stop & Start : Cut (on both neutral gear sensor and starter wiring)...
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    2015 Audi Q3 8U - Fault Code "0763 - Tire pressure warning'

    Hi all, I've made an Autoscan on my wife's Audi Q3 last week-end. And unexpectedly, I've got the fault code mentioned above : Tuesday,12,November,2019,21:46:26:04899 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20190930 DS308.0...
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    How to retrofit 'snow mode' on Skoda Mk3 AWD?

    Hi all, I've heard about a hidden "snow mode" for Skoda Superb Mk3 AWD version. It's available as standard on Kodiaq 4x4 with DCC. Official short description here : It seems it could be activated on Superb 4x4 too. Does anyone know how...
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    Skoda Superb Mk.3 Start/Stop

    Hi, I'd like to make the Stop/Start system less sensitive on my Skoda Superb MK3 (TDI 4x4 DSG6). Currently, the Start/stop start limit voltage is set to 7,6V. I know that setting it to 12V would completely disable the system. But... This is not what I want. I had in mind to set it to a value...