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    2003 Audi A8 4E replace cornering xenon with normal xenon

    Hi, my dad has a german 2003 A8 4E mit adaptive light (means bi-xenon with cornering light). The headlights are quite old and we already had them base aligned, refurbished and put in new bulbs but my dad wants brand new ones as the light is still pretty bad.. The regular bi-xenon are available...
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    Blinker flashing after Emergency stop MQB

    Hi, I noticed that my German 2019 Passat flashes the blinkers after coming to a full stop with emergency braking. My wifes 2018 Tiguan US model did not do this, so I found the applicable adaption (09 has no long coding anymore where it was activated before). I did not find this here, so maybe...
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    Howto Swap analog Instrument Cluster MQB

    Guys, I didn't find detailed information on howto do this, so here are my experiences howto SWAP an analog cluster in an MQB car. In this case, my US Tiguan Allspace received a German cluster from a EU Tiguan. Part number US cluster (VDO made in Mexico): 5NA-920-850-B Part number EU cluster...
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    2018 Tiguan remove Top speed limit

    All, my 2018 US Tiguan SE is now road legal in Germany. The Autobahn is a bit frustrating though as there is a speed limiter of 180 km/h --> ENG01775,Top_speed_limitation,180.000, km/h I believe there is no way to remove this with VCDS, is there any other tool or does someone knows a tuner who...
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    2018 Tiguan SE road legal in Germany - Radio and cluster questions

    All, I am in the process of getting our 2018 Tiguan SE we took from the US to Germany road legal. The lights were the most work but actually quit simple (reused the rear position light cables and reconfigured them to become blinkers and reused the left reverse light cable to become the fog...
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    Retrofit without Activation Codes - Remote Start - Observations

    All, (Lots of explanation, if you are short on time read the specific questions way below :thanks:) I use VCDS for 10+ years and was very active with retrofits 10 years ago. After moving to the US, I only owned Fords so learned a lot how they work for coding and retrofits (similar at the end...