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    MIB2 retrofit - clock/time issue

    Hi everyone, I exchanged my RNS510 for an unlocked MIB2 Carplay. I also changed the gateway for a 7N0 907 530 BC / 7N0 907 530 AN. All is working fine except that the clock stays at 0.00 on the screen of the MIB2. I also don't have the "time and date settings" in the menu of the MIB2. I have...
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    Eos multifonction steering wheel retrofit issue

    Hi all, I have a 2010 Eos GT Sport DSG (phase 1.5 - phase 1 with the phase 2 interior). I did the retrofit of the multifunction steering wheel. All is working fine, no errors in vcds. As part of the retrofit, I changed the steering wheel module based on the "Ross-Tech Steering Wheel Control...