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    Golf mk5 GTI MFSW problem

    Hi all! 2005 mk5 GTI, MFSW doesnt work. Its all stock, not retrofitted. I have only one fault on steering wheel electronics, and thats C.C button, intermitted. (New one on its way) but also, when reading codes from engine, it says 005784, please check DTC memory of steering wheel electronics...
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    2011 Passat B7 (EU) AFS bixenon retrofit

    Hi all! And please bare with me, just realised I may joined the wrong forum for this, so please be gentle if its not appropriate. Im retrofitting OEM bixenons on my 2011/2012 B7 (EU) Passat, and found some useful info here ln this forum, hence why i joined, only to learn that its for VCDS...