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    Lock car externally with the key fob when engine running ?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a VCDS tweak to permit the locking of the car externally with the key fob if engine is running? Scenario: to de-ice car unattended on driveway. I have an A6 c7 facelift. hoping someone can help. Thanks
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    00256 - A/C Pressure/Temperature Sensor (G395)

    Evening Folks, I’m about to go order a new G395 sensor to hopefully resolve the error on module 09. It looks to me that whatever those errors on module 8 are, they might also be resolved by replacing the faulty sensor on module 9. However, do you think the error in module 28 may also be due to...
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    Disable headlight washers

    can anyone advise how this is done please? I cannot see whats what in centr elec 09. read somewhere online that Byte 20 may contain the answer, but cant tell whats what in there as VCDS still does not know my ECU (2015 car) that well despite having sent my maps many many months ago to support...
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    Fault code right?!

    Hi folks, Just returned from Audi. They replaced my fuel flap stuff under warranty. For a while now I've been getting an error code on vcds as per here I thought this was something to do with my rear cabin HVAC. turns out it was my fuel flap switch! What gives?! Why would a fuel flap through an...
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    Brakes! Hi Guys, Looking for some advice. I’ve issues with my brakes that may be down to sticky callipers, but not sure and I’m having issues evidencing anything for Audi to honour under warranty. Bought the car at 13k mile, had juddering issues when braking, audi diagnosed 2 warped discs. I...
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    Controller Maps

    Hi guys, I have a number of modules with no labels so have watched the video how 2 for instructions. Seems straightforward but I was just wondering how long it normally takes for maps to be incorporated into a build once they are emailed over? My car is an A6 2015 3.0 BITDI. I've only had my...