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    Passat B6 CBAB engine cut off while driving

    Hello guys, I have in my workshop one passat B6 with CBAB engine. The client came in the workshop because the engine while driving starts shuddering on half or full load intermittent and in some momments even cuts off. Repair taking cared before he got to me: tank feed pump changed, high...
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    DSG gearbox retrofitted. Manual to DSG swap. Help ABS coding.

    Dear All, I have retrofitted DSG gearbox on a 2013 Passat B7. It was initially fitted with manual gearbox. I have some issues coding a few of the modules installed. ABS and EPB. Please see below an auto scan from the car. Can you please advise for proper coding? Also the software...
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    Seat Toledo 1.4 16V misfire randomly

    Dear all, Having this problem with a Seat Toledo that is trowing the following fault codes from time to time toghether with engine running rough for a few moments. Address 01: Engine Labels: Redir Fail! Control Module Part Number: 036 906 034 BD Component and/or Version: MARELLI 4LV...