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    Passat B8 RHD OBD2 connector problem

    My Australian delivered RHD 2016 Passat 206kw R-Line has the OBD2 connector under the dash on the RHD side. It seems like the OBD2 plug is shrouded by the under dash trim or keyed to suit the factory cable and I can't get my VCDS cable far enough into the opening to connect properly. Has...
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    Audi TT RS 8J ride level sensors showing wrong values in 14 Susp Elect (Has Mag Ride)

    I haven't been happy with the handling of my car at the track so I thought about checking the suspension. I went into 14 Susp Elect and then into Meas Blocks 08 and clicked Go on each of the three buttons and the values displayed for ride height are wrong on the two RH sensors. My car is a ROW...
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    TT RS 8J A/C blower not working. Code 01273

    I'm new to the forum & VCDS so please forgive any dumb questions. I did try searching but I couldn't find anything relevant to my problem. 2010 TT RS 8J. It's an Australia delivered car. My A/c stopped working. The blower fan does not come on. In Ross-tech VCDS it shows code 01273. I checked...