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    2010 Vw golf sportwagen 2.0 TDI

    i own a ross-tech software and i want to know wher can i find the fuel pressure specs for testing. My car stalled on the highway and i won't start,i want to find out witch fuel pump i need, so can you help me
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    20 faulty codes; 2010 Jetta 2.0 TDI

    Hi i have a 2010 Vw sportwagen TDI all of a sudden i end up with 20 codes:00447-00927-00979-00984-00985-00987-01493-01497-01499-01500-01501-01503 and so on i have replace the electrical control module with a used one do i need to reprogramm this new module and how can i do it.... Thank you:confused: