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    Changing from direct to indirect TPMS?

    Hello. I've got a VW Passat which have got TPMS with sensors in the wheels. Or at least did have sensors in the wheels. Neither my summer or winter tyres have sensors anymore, and have not had them since I bought the car. I'm about to buy new tires for both sets of wheels and my jaw dropped...
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    2010 Passat 3C - Retrofitting Adaptive Cruise Control

    Hello guys! Ever since I bought my car back in 2014, I've been annoyed at the original Cruise Control. In isolation, it works fine - but the whole concept of cruise control kind of requires you to be dead alone on the road. So, I've wanted to retrofit adaptive cruise control for my car...
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    VW Passat 3.2 FSI - Idle speed tweak. Need some help.

    Hey all! What a first post this is going to be. Somewhat scared and excited :) I'm from a relative shameful background. Myself, as I think quite a few people don't care to admit, started out with a eBay-version of the VCDS-interface. Lately, I've come to realise that I'm not actually a...