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    2011 Amarok retrofitted with Polo 7 MFSW with CC

    Hi Everyone So I decided to start a new thread for this since I could find exact answers elsewhere. I have retrofitted a polo 7 MFSW to my 2011 amarok. It originally came without a mfsw. So I added two wires from my slipring, added a wire in pos 9, to 12v+, and added a wire in pos 10 to LIN in...
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    A6 3l tdi v6, DPF pressure diff sensor

    Hope someone can help. Checked out a friends Audi A6 3l tdi. He has a dpf problem on the car. Doing a scan showed there was a fault code on the engine regarding the differential pressure sensor. Tried to do a forced regen on the dpf, thinking the sensor error might have been a once off with...