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    AWD Basic Settings Group 051

    Thanks for the reply! Apologies for the lack of information in my original post. It is a 2009 TTRS with gen 4 haldex, I will get an auto scan tomorrow
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    AWD Basic Settings Group 051

    Hi, Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section. Can anyone tell me the purpose of “AWD 22 - Basic Setting - Group 051 - Adjustment valve controlling the opening degree of the clutch (N373)” Does this need to be activated after replacing a gen 4 haldex pump? What are the...
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    2009 TTRS AWD-22 CODES 01314 AND 01315 (GEN 4 HALDEX)

    Hi all, Please be gentle this is my first post on here and although I have owned a fully licensed HEX+CAN cable for many years I am still a novice for the most part. Also apologies in advance for the lengthy post, I just feel it helps to add a bit of backstory and include as much detail as...