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    Golf Mk5 Intermittent Dead Throttle & Sensor Reference Voltage A

    I have been looking into a frustrating intermittent fault on a 2006 Mk5 2.0 Tdi 4 Motion with the BKD engine. A full Autoscan is attached below; Initially, this was a very intermittent fault. The car would drive fine for days, then occasionally the throttle pedal would go dead. Backing off the...
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    Passat 3C (2006) ABS module coding help please

    Hi I have a Passat in the workshop today brought in by a chap who attempted to replace his parking brake module without first making a record of the ABS coding, and all is now lost. Please could some kind person let me the know the correct coding. Autoscan below; Incidentally, he replaced the...
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    Mk7 Golf Gti multiple errors. Throttle body, reference voltages, engine sensors.

    Morning all. I have a 2014 MK7 Golf GTI in the workshop causing some headaches (and heartache!:cry:). We had the car in for an 80,000 mile service (including plugs). The radiator was also replaced as it was leaking and spraying coolant over the front of the engine when the fan kicked in. After...
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    2011 Golf 1.6 TDI - sensor reference voltage - maybe crankshaft position sensor???

    I have had a Golf in the workshop today, which intermittently stutters and loses power in a manner that suggests a crankshaft sensor fault. However the persistent fault code shows "6557 - Sensor Reference Voltage B P0653 00 [167] - Too High". When the car came in, there was a couple of...
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    Golf Mk7 error message "Fault: vehicle lighting" will not clear

    I have a 2013 Mk7 Golf in the workshop for a service that has a persistent error message on the dash - "Fault: vehicle lighting" All bulbs and holders outside and inside the car have been checked, and all are working as they should. No fault codes relating to the problem are shown. In my...
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    2009 Scirocco lost ABS coding and running rough

    Hi. I had a quick look at a Scirocco for a friend last night, which is running rough and the dash is lit up like a christmas tree. A quick plug in revealed no engine fault codes, but faults in almost every other unit, and the ABS unit has lost its coding. Please could you help me with the long...