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    I think I found the only dealership in America that doesn't want money.

    Wow, So, I dumped this problematic 2001 allroad of mine over onto Audi Omaha (Hi, guys, if any of you are reading this!) and we had a back-and-forth today that amounted to: Me: "Here's my crappy car. Find all the problems!" Them: "We found some stuff. Here's a quote." Me: "Okay. Nice. Do this...
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    leaking oil line on the back of radiator - 2001 allroad 2.7t APB

    Hey guys, what the heck is this hard line that's leaking oil (?!) out of the back of the radiator on a 2.7t APB engine? This picture is of the top, rear, passenger side of the radiator, and this line runs down and over to the driver side, and appears to go into the driver side intercooler, but...
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    2.7t APB engine, broken hard plastic line, help?

    Running across the top of cyl 4 (drivers side front) between the oil fill cap and the timing belt cover are two lines. There's a rubber coolant(?) line that runs into some crazy metal piping that sits on top of the intake manifold, and there's this hard thin black plastic line that runs in a...