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  1. demonjrm

    VCDS License with HEX-NET (WiFi/USB)

    Hi all, a question ... if I buy License With VCDS HEX-NET (WiFi / USB), I can use it on the phone and the laptop? ... or I can only use one. thank you
  2. demonjrm

    03 ABS : 5Q0 907 379 R that works byte on PLA 2.0 , (park assist)

    hello, a question ... that byte has the PLA (park assist) in MQB platform? 26 and 27 ?? thank you very much
  3. demonjrm

    software VCP

    hello, the original VCP software is valid to show scanner in this forum. I'm considering buying one to unlock VIM, and flash control units.
  4. demonjrm

    retrofit esp button ?

    can work? the pin 9 Pin to pin 39 of the unit abs the pin 10 of the button, the fuse SC34 pin 2 lighting button pin 1 to ground
  5. demonjrm

    Component protection modules 2014

    I have a question, if the retrofitting of a module Golf 7 is new, has protection component?:confused:
  6. demonjrm

    new whit Seat Leon 5F

    hi all, soon will put the retrofitting of ACC for WV golf VII and Seat Leon 5F. is an honor to be here regards ^^
  7. demonjrm

    hi to all !!

    thank you for your work