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    Seeking 5F admap from 2020+ NMS Passat (MIB2.5 with glass front)

    My 5F unit is a 5C0-035-684-F, if that's what you're looking for...of course you may (No VIN please) TW
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    Kessy auto lock when the driver gets out from the car.

    Successfully added Automatic Door Slam Locking, a.k.a. Walk-Away Locking to our ’19 Atlas and I’m looking for a way to add this to our new (old school) NAR 2022 Passat Limited (PQ35) as well; but so far, no luck – it might be impossible for all I know…here’s what I’ve tried: 05-Acc/Start Auth...
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    Need Help/Advise w/Adaptations, Limited Channel View - Crypted Label File (clb)

    UPDATE: I found a long coding alternative for one of the missing adaptations…I hope it works…[update - works great!] Daytime Running Lights Menu Control 09-Cent. Elect. > Byte 15 > Bit 7 > Daytime Running Light (DLR) Adaptation active (MFA+) > active TW
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    Need Help/Advise w/Adaptations, Limited Channel View - Crypted Label File (clb)

    Thank you Uwe, I understand - none of the tweaks I want are possible with this "non-UDS PQ35" vehicle. TW
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    Need Help/Advise w/Adaptations, Limited Channel View - Crypted Label File (clb)

    I need some help/advice regarding adaptations I’m trying to apply to my new 2022 Passat NMS. Listed below are just a few - I’ve used successfully in the past and would like to try them on our new Passat. I’m pretty sure these channels exist; problem is, I’m only able to view/access about 1% of...
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    SA Code Needed (Module 05) 2022 Passat NAR

    Got it! (sorry, I should have read more carefully). Thank you n4s...SA code accepted. TW
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    SA Code Needed (Module 05) 2022 Passat NAR

    Thank you, but I don't see it! TW
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    SA Code Needed (Module 05) 2022 Passat NAR

    Just purchased the last U.S. made Passat (2022 Passat Limited NMS/A3) and I'm trying a apply a couple simple adaptations that worked well on my 2019 Atlas. I realize the U.S. made Passat is not an MQB...tried SAC 20103 anyway, rejected! 05 Acc/Start Auth. >ENG105808-ENG101891-DeveloperCoding...
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    FeC/SWaP Codes Supported but not Installed?

    Not worried...00060b00 = Soundaktor "sound actuator" (Structure Borne Sound)
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    FeC/SWaP Codes Supported but not Installed?

    No typo...
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    Sticky MQB Light Configuration Case Study

    Amazing work Somnus, You might already be aware, but based on my IDE05145-Light configuration code; I'd like to contribute the following function codes... 16 = Abbiegelicht links (Cornering light left) 17 = Abbiegelicht rechts (Cornering light right) 1E = Coming Home oder Leaving Home aktiv 46...
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    ?? Vehicle configuration-unblock_functions_while_piloted_driving (blocked or Enabled)

    What’s the purpose and affect of this adaptation channel? Address 5F IDE03471-ENG152571-Vehicle configuration-unblock_functions_while_piloted_driving (blocked or Enabled) In my never ending pursuit of pure fahrvergnügen, I’ve unblocked, enabled, activated, etc. about everything I can find...
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    Is the Readiness/Leaving Sound possible (in a VW)?

    These adaptation channels appear in Address 5F-Information Electr in my 2019 VW…I’ve adapted both to activated, but no sound. Are these something that's listed but just not possible, or is there something else to be modified to make them work? IDE03471-ENG142149-Vehicle...
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    CH/LH light duration - MIB Menu Problem?

    Changing the CH/LH light duration does work - both adaptations (below) are accepted up to a maximum duration of 90 seconds. The new (extended) light duration correctly appears in infotainment system’s menu (image below); however, adjusting the light duration with the slide bars causes them to...
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    How to change “Inspection in 365 days” alert to only appear when within 30-days

    Just had my 2019 Atlas serviced at my local VW dealer; they reset the service interval, but now the dash alert says “Inspection in 365 days”. I thought this remainder was only programmed to appear with within 30 days – what happened? I don’t want to reset everything, but how can I get the...
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    Security Code Needed for O3/ABS channel IDE03493-Driver door status

    First, I'm trying to deactivate the automatic EPB when the driver's door is opened. I think the subject adaptation channel may do the trick, but I've not been able to find a security code that successfully works. I've tried all listed below without success; most are accepted initially, but not...
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    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    the factory front and rear cameras could be menu controlled as dash cams. It seems to me that the hardware and connectivity to achieve this already exists (in some trim levels), just isn’t being applied. I’d really like to see a USB plug and play component that (with some coding of course)...
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    FeC/SWaP Codes Supported but not Installed?

    I noticed these FeC/SWaP codes being "supported" but not installed per my Infotainment system's setup screen. Can anyone tell me what these codes refer to? Thanks, TW 00060b00 00070400
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    Sticky Acronyms

    I know what you mean, me to. But so far I've not had a problem, I just keep my fob in my pocket (where it belongs). Anyway, I tried changing the "control by pulling the door handle during active DSL_timeout" to 5.00 s and it had no effect in delaying the instant 'Door Slam Lock', so I still...
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    Sticky Acronyms

    Thanks DiegotheCat. Good guesses, as good as mine - Door Slam Lock; it might be related to another line in O5 ACC/Start Auth.: ENG129020-ENG126975-internal_passive_entry_exit_byte1-passive_exit_door_slam_lock I believe the term Passive, in this context, refers to the locking feature being...