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  1. dhbpac

    '08 A3 8P parts in my '06 A3 8P

    Problem fixed (pre-failure scan below). A few years back I had an 06 A6 C6 that was particularly sensitive to battery voltages. Looks like this was the case as well. After a full night of charging on a tender, I cranked it up this morning and everything was fine. All lights extinguished. Thanks...
  2. dhbpac

    '08 A3 8P parts in my '06 A3 8P

    Interesting. That makes sense, so when I finish up I'll put the original harness into the "new" door card. The aim was to get a driver door card that didn't cut up my arm from a worn-thru armrest. After a long search I found one but the color was different, leading to wholesale replacement...
  3. dhbpac

    '08 A3 8P parts in my '06 A3 8P

    I bought a full set of seats and door cards from an '08 A3 8P Tip to put into my '06 A3 8P 6MT. Did the passenger & rear seats first, then installed the front door cards. Of course when I cranked it up there were a bunch of issues. The air bag dash lamp came on, but I figured out how to reset...
  4. dhbpac

    2001 allroad: Troubleshooting Air Shocks

    Had some issues with left front level sensor so I took it apart, resoldered some of the PCB connections then sealed it up & reinstalled. Everything was fine until the weather got REALLY cold, then I started losing pressure overnight. No biggie since it refilled just fine when I cranked it up in...
  5. dhbpac

    2002 allroad 2.7T tip w/P1176 & P1177

    Just replaced the original cats w/Bosal aftermarket and these codes popped up. I did some searching a few weeks ago, seems like this is due to faster airflow past the rear O2 (post-cat) sensors. I recall a couple of aftermarket extenders that fix this problem but now can't recall where to find...
  6. dhbpac

    2006 Audi A6 3.2 engine failure ..

    Apparently I've had a sudden catastrophic failure of the timing chain (or thereabouts) at roughly 145k miles and need to make a decision. It was a 3.2L BKH engine. Since it's only about halfway through what I thought would be its expected life (and thus, the loan to pay for it ...), I'm trying...
  7. dhbpac

    2006 A6 Avant 4F / Coding decoding

    [WARNING: This is a bit long ...] Hello all, I have the dreaded "Top Off Wiper Fluid" message, and found something I thought would maybe let me shut it off. While searching through the [17 - Instrument] coding I saw a field that mentions "washer fluid warning active" so I thought I'd change...
  8. dhbpac

    Fault codes not in Bentley

    New to VCDS, have an 06 Audi A6 Avant. Ran a few auto-scans, reset the DTCs - they come back. Most of them I'm okay with (for now), but getting a 009278 / P2600 - Coolant Pump Control Circuit. I couldn't find it anywhere in the Bentley database so I searched the forum. I found one other...
  9. dhbpac

    How long for XP support?

    Just bought a 2006 Audi A6 Avant, will be getting VCDS in the near future. Being a former embedded computer engineer, I always believe that less is more. Having said that, I'm looking to buy a laptop dedicated to VCDS and see some good prices on several XP systems with USB 2.0. Seeing as how...