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  1. Mike R

    AI - is it the wave of the future?

    AI has the potential to do great things... however it only takes one wrong step for us to go beyond the event horizon. Even if allowing AI's to iterate on their own code was illegal, it just takes one bad actor for us to potentially wind up with a God AI, and what that AI would potentially do...
  2. Mike R

    Pirates turning into honest seamen?

    I've seen more than a handful of folks registering on the forum here who have both a cloned interface and a more recently used legit interface.
  3. Mike R

    Golf 7 CRLB 2.0 TDI Language change

    You can buy from Ross-Tech directly here. Or you can alternatively buy from one of our distributors. Unfortunately Ross-Tech doesn't have a Turkish translation or a distributor directly in Turkey, but there are distributors in various countries in Europe including Bulgaria, as well as a...
  4. Mike R

    Golf MK7 ACC Radar MRR 541J Replaced by Radar LRR 561K.

    Alvib, did you send an email to I just checked and I see no email from the email tied to this forum account.
  5. Mike R

    Golf MK7 ACC Radar MRR 541J Replaced by Radar LRR 561K.

    The Ross-Tech community is willing and able to help those that obtain a legal version of our software, which comes with the genuine interface purchased in our shop or from one of our official distributors. Would you expect someone on an official Apple forum, and their official service reps to...
  6. Mike R

    map on display audi a8 2010 4.2

    Welcome. Have you first run an auto-scan? Please share it here so we know what exactly what we're working with.
  7. Mike R

    Audi instrument cluster navi

    VCDS Lite is not compatible with that vehicle. You'll need to purchase a newer interface from Ross-Tech in order to work on this vehicle.
  8. Mike R

    Function not supported by gateway

    Have it here at RT now. We tested the interface on our test bench and it worked as intended. Just to be sure we took it out to scan Andy's GTI and it also had no issues. Regarding the CAN testing. All HN2's show that pretty much all the time from near as I can tell. We grabbed a couple more out...
  9. Mike R

    2024 US Elections

    I felt this an appropriate time to start this thread with Biden officially announcing this morning he's seeking his reelection bid. Thus making half of the picture clear. It feels inevitable that it'll be Trump v Biden 2 Electric Boogaloo.
  10. Mike R


    In order to assist you, we'll need a complete Auto-Scan of your vehicle.
  11. Mike R

    Forum Hacked!

  12. Mike R

    My car, AUdi A6, recently had a small situation

    Please post an Auto-Scan so we can have the full details.
  13. Mike R

    Unknown faultcode - 2018 Audi S4

    Also @ScottishRobin I'm seeing you're a longer time user here on the forum and we have an older interface connected to your profile but you're currently using a Hex-Net. It'd be good for you to get verified and then perhaps more folks can see this and help you out.
  14. Mike R

    Unknown faultcode - 2018 Audi S4

    No problem. It's an easy fix. Hope someone more knowledgeable than I can assist you.
  15. Mike R

    ABS coding

    Please post an auto-scan.
  16. Mike R

    HEX-NET license revoked, but support says it’s OK

    Can you further elaborate? Interface is showing up to date, and as near as I can tell everything looks normal on our end from what we can see. What is displayed when you Select Options from the home screen in VCDS and then select Test? (Like so) Additionally, what do you see in the About...
  17. Mike R

    The queen is dead, Long Live the king

    I wonder how long Charles will live for, or even reign for. Definitely not for 70 years that's for sure. Can't imagine more than 20 in the most optimistic outlook. Old Charlie is 74 ish right now. I think 15 could even be high-balling it so lets go with that. At that point William would become...
  18. Mike R


    Switzerland breaks neutral status to sanction Russia over Ukraine invasion
  19. Mike R


    I think it's very funny to suggest Trump is in Putin's pocket, when Biden was the one who for inexplicable reasons lifted Trump's sanctions blocking the Nordstream 2 pipeline for Russia. Quite quickly in fact. Those same sanctions that Biden was still fighting for to not reimpose a mere few...
  20. Mike R


    Well, that escalated quickly. via Telegraph Vladimir Putin has appeared to threaten nuclear strikes if any country tries to attack Russia in retaliation. In a chilling warning, he said the “consequences” of any attempt to strike back would provoke a response “never seen in history”