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    Resolved How to change 5F Long Coding

    That's great, glad you sorted it All the best Derek
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    Resolved How to change 5F Long Coding

    Hello Marvin Please post a full autoscan of the car so the Ross-Tech engineers can see the full module details Best regards Derek
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    VCDS using injector minimum deviation.

    Post a screen shot, (or click log while it's idling and paste the text from the log file into your reply here) of the live data screen with the injector deviations and someone will let you know if they are far out. Though, I'd be surprised if that could make the engine idle but not respond to...
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    Where is control of the Sirius XM radio found? (2024 Golf)

    Hello Please post an autoscan from your car so we can see the modules fitted on your car and someone will be able to guide you Best regards Derek
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    VW Transporter - blank fields on SRI Reset screen ...

    Hello Julian I can't say about the blanks, but the "ESI: Resetting ESI" is normal and is a heading name rather than the status of a value Best regards Derek
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    Unsupported vehicle. Please upgrade to a current Ross-Tech interface

    Hello You may want to try the latest beta version it has some support for very new vehicles and might cover what you need Be sure to check the notes on the beta page about switching your interface to beta channel in the config app Best...
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    Group 011

    Hello Looking at the screenshot it looks like the scaling would cause the green and yellow lines to be way off screen, but to test it we really need to run the log file you made so please post the autoscan and the log file you made so we can see the vehicle details and try the log to see what's...
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    UDS Fault detail.

    Hello Andy One of the Ross-Tech engineers will likely be best to give you more details, but would you post an autoscan if you have one that has some examples please. It could help them to give you specific information Best...
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    2023 SQ7 Steering Assist

    Hello I'm not sure if it's possible on that car, but I know Ross-Tech will need an autoscan from the car to check, so would you please post the full scan from the car Best regards Derek
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    Resolved Brake Switch Question

    Just to add, as your fault code mentions plausibility, it can indicate the ECU is seeing conflicting data between sensors and this can also be caused by things like the car speed increasing but brake switches show the brake on so it should be slowing down, or car speed increasing while the...
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    Resolved Brake Switch Question

    Hello We'd need an autoscan to check the values accurately, but a couple of possibles come to mind. The clutch pedal switch is often shown together with the brake so if your car is a manual transmission, the first 1 in that group may be the clutch pedal switch and the ECU thinks the clutch...
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    Thank you Jan Best regards Derek
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    Hello @autocomsoft Is there a time limit between someone buying their VCDS and registering for the free years access? Could someone who bought their interface 2, 3 or even more years ago register and get the free year? I'd like to mention Vis4Vag in my customer newsletter but want to check...
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    What means upgrade ross tech interface ?

    Hello VCDS is showing the upgrade message because your current VCDS interface can't communicate with the 2020 car properly. Here's some more information about the newer interfaces and upgrading but if you have any questions, please ask Best...
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    Latest VCDSToolbox version

    Hello Niels I noticed if I install the latest version only it does not create the links in the vcdsscan.ini file, or add the pdf manual. I had to install the earlier version from your website, then update to keep the links and user manual Best regards Derek
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    Looking for scan viewer with coloring, linking etc - best online

    Sorry, I missed this earlier. It looks like the definitions did not get added to the vcdsscan.ini file when it was recreated after being deleted I'll mention this to Niels but in the meantime, download the earlier version direct from his website here (link below), unzip the files and save them...
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    No Response from Controller while resetting Haldex Pump Motor

    I think as the module details look good in the previous scan, I'd start by checking the connector at the module for water ingress and for a solid power and earth If the wiring and powers/earths etc are OK, hopefully one of the Ross-Tech engineers will be able to guide you Best regards Derek
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    No Response from Controller while resetting Haldex Pump Motor

    Would you post a previous scan from the car as well please so we can see the controller details Best regards Derek
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    Looking for scan viewer with coloring, linking etc - best online

    Sounds like it's off screen or hidden behind other programs. Try closing everything else and then only open VCDS and VCDSToolbox. If it still doesn't show, close VCDS in case it's behind it. If it's now showing, move it further over on the screen so it doesn't get hidden next time If still not...
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    Looking for scan viewer with coloring, linking etc - best online

    VCDS Toolbox will do some of what you asked for, plus a lot of other useful things to help use VCDS and diagnose problems Best regards Derek