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    "Latest HEX-NET Update" Sticky?

    While we are in the Beta stage, it seems like a sticky which always shows the latest update number as well as a brief description of how to check for and update the HEX-NET would save a lot of time for everyone. It might be even better to change the menu structure to have these on the opening...
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    Sticky How To Post Pictures

    Uwe, what about adding "How to Post AutoScans" to the title and thread so you won't have to keep doing the Code wrap thing for most of us?
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    Unable to download HEX-NET WiFi Configuration utility on MacOS 10.9.1

    When I click on the DOWNLOAD button the little icon moves over to the Downoads folder but does not appear in the folder when the folder is opened. I do have JavaScript enabled in Safari. Have any other MacOS users experience this? Is there a way around it?
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    How to Upgrade Hex-Net to Latest Version

    I have been asked to update Hex-Net in another thread. "Please update to version 0.4010, just released." I believe I remember seeing how to do this somewhere but 30 minutes of looking back around the site, including FAQ's and the Wiki have proved to be futile. It might be helpful to others...
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    Are 4 addresses all that are supposed to be checked for 2000 Eurovan (T4) Auto-Scan?

    I am using an iPad with a Pro Activated HEX-NET on a 2000 Eurovan. When performing an "Auto-Scan", I manually selected chassis type 7D, although the VIN# has 70 in the correct part of the sequence. Addresses 01 02 03 08 15 17 18 19 22 25 35 37 56 are shown to be scanned and appear to be looked...