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    Flex pipe on exhaust.

    I changed the O2 sensor the other day on my wifes 2002 vw NB 2.0L. After, the exhaust was leaking . It's the flex hose from the manifold to the catalytic that is loose. How does that stay tight. No clamps. I can push it together and it seals., but then works loose again. AnY ideas?
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    Changing thermostat on a Jetta/Beetle 2.0L engine.

    Just found this youtube video. thought it was well done and procedure explained well. Sharing.
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    Modified VW"S
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    2002 VW NB replaced rear brake pads!

    I may have been able to get another 180 000km out of them,,, Also remove rotors and cleaned out speed sensor ring.. Now that is all done and back together.... do i have to bleed the brakes.... or just pump the brakes to tighten up the brake piston again?
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    Happy 5000th thread to ross-tech

    Lets party, :popcorn::thumbs: ok, so looking at the link address above this is thread 5303. but looking at the forum statistics it is #5000. so, maybe i will make this a inquiry. for the 2002 new beetles, do they show freeze frames? i have the box check to show freeze frames....but...
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    This is thread #4998

    Is anyone sitting around waiting to grab the big #5000. will the person win a prize? like a paper clip from DrPeter's desk!!! :D
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    Handy Dandy Tools to make life easier.

    The EFI Quick Probe. lol, i get a kick out of watching this guys videos, but i do like the handy dandy tool he demonstrates.
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    VW stereo

    fuse on back of the radio was blown. with a new fuse in and radio set to center for all speakers. results are as following left side; tweet-good door- no sound rear-no sound right side; tweeter-good door good rear -no sound why is it when i connect a stereo speaker to the pins in the...
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    Bought another headache. Maybe!!

    So, i couldn't resist. after fixing 2 New Beetles using my VCDS, i had to fix another one. Am addicted.:D I wasn't looking for another NB, was looking to get a Audi or VW passat/jetta. but then this NB showed up in my search results. (That is a VW/audi newer then year 2000, under 200,000km...
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    Cranks...No Start.....Diagnosing No Spark

    This DIY Article is not VW/Audi specific, but same principles apply to any engine. this is a guideline for info. Please refer to model specific RTFB. If your engine cranks normally but will not start because it has no spark, or it stalls and won't restart because it has no spark, the problem...
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    Cranks...No Start ... Electronic Fuel Injector diagnosing

    This DIY Article is not VW/Audi specific, but same principles apply to any engine. this is a guideline for info. Please refer to model specific RTFB. Electronic fuel injection is a great means of delivering fuel to an engine. With multiport systems, each cylinder receives its own dose of...
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    Safety Bulletins

    Always remove rings when working around energized/electrical equipment and vehicles. This is part of why instructions tell you to disconnect battery before working on vehicle. He was lucky it was a titanium ring, a gold ring would have cook the meat around the bone.
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    TPMS activation, reset, and disable coding with VCDS - mk6 VW

    How to activate, reset, or swap the TPMS system on your VW Jetta or Golf difficulty: 1/5 Introduction Some recent VW Golf and Jetta have the TPMS capability without having the button. This article shows how to reset or activate the hidden ABS based TPMS or swap from the direct to the indirect...
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    2000 VW NB Dash Cluster Digital display not working!

    So with my issues i had with my NB, before i diagnosed the faulty airbag module.....i opened up my dash cluster to see if anything looked damage or lose wires because i had no communications with modules. To remove the electrical board inside i released two tabs Everything looked OK so i...
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    Battery Replacement

    Can move to How to and tips! Thought I'd do a quick write-up on replacing the battery in a S5 4.2 since I wasn't able to find all the correct info in one place. 1) Buy a replacement battery. Surprisingly, for me here in Canada, the dealer was cheaper than aftermarket. I paid $240 for an OEM...
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    DIY Electrical Testing - A few things to do to help yourself while waiting for help!

    This post is for your information only. Only do repairs you are comfortable doing. If you have warranty, take it to dealer(if you tamper with things it may void your warranty) Videos are not VW/Audi cars, but same principles. First and for most.. do auto scan. INCLUDE IT IN YOUR POST...
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    For your information:: Replacing vw 2.0L timing belt!!

    My first time dealing with a VW 2.0L engine was 2 hours after buying my wife a 1998 VW new beetle with a 2.0L automatic with 223000kms. We drove 2.5 hours to the city to look at a few NB's. And my wife wanted this 1998 NB because it was a automatic. Test drove it, it ran good, it seemed to...
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    Mrs. Browns Boys!!

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    **WD-40** I am getting tired of people that THINK WD-40 as a "lubricant"!!!

    if you are one of this people please READ. or if u know someone that does pls share. Is more of a solvent, it may cure a noisy hinge, but in the long run WD-40 will break down any oil or grease in the hingle, eventual evaporate...
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    ABS software codes?

    have a 2000 VW NB mk4 chassis 1c my ABS module has software Coding: 03504 with says the car is AWD. but it is not. what would the code be for front wheel drive? tried googling it and search here, found nothing. if someone could post value codes for the abs module that would be awesome...