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    14 CC new trunk harness cold weather problem

    Hello everyone Broken trunk harness. :rolleyes: I replaced the trunk harness with the factory part. Everything works now, but if the car is parked outside overnight in MN cold I have problems: select reverse: camera pops out of the VW logo. deselect reverse: camera display goes away...
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    K03 Turbo wastegate adjustment?

    Hello, the Turbo in my 14 CC is starting to trigger some P0299 underboost faults. I've read/watched some videos online that suggest that the turbo might need replacement if the wastegate plate and arm has some play in it, which mine does. I replaced the bypass valve with the piston style "D"...
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    AJ Jetta battery replacement

    The battery went kaput in the 12 JSW. I purchased a new battery from my dealer. The parts guy claimed that there was currently a shortage of VW branded batteries, but that they carried Interstate batteries which are actually OEM, and the exact replacement. The old battery is labeled...
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    2014 CC Belt Tensioner

    The pulley on my belt tensioner has developed a bit of a wobble and low whining noise. I looked at the procedure for replacing the tensioner as a unit in the VW Erwin documentation... It seems a bit silly... The part seems a bit silly... In my old saab, I replaced just the pulley on a...
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    HN network profile count lower after delete profile

    I found something that may or may not be normal, and figured I would ask since I couldn't find the answer using the forum search. I recently removed a network profile from my HN. after removing, I had 7 total profiles available rather than 8. Is this normal? does the count only reset to 8...
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    14 AN VW CC Reverse mirror dip

    Hi all, I've been wanting to enable mirror dip on my car for a while, but I'm not sure that it is possible, since my car doesn't have memory seats. I've read in other places that if the mirror part is rev. C it is able to dip, and only needs to be enabled using VCDS... Figured I would ask the...
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    14 AN VW CC hill hold adjust

    I have a 14 AN VW CC with a manual 6 speed. I've used the hill hold, by setting the parking brake, then setting off in 1st gear like normal. It seems to take a fair bit of slipping before the brake actually releases. Is there a way to adjust the required tension to release? Also- sorry if...
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    Hex-Net network not listed

    I just received my Hex-Net. My 2.4ghz G/B network at home is not showing up in the interface config tool. I see a lot of networks with no name, and a few with names.
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    1J Jetta Wagon stalling

    Hi Everyone, My sister's Jetta wagon has been stalling randomly. She reached out to me after her mechanic replaced the crank sensor. The car is still randomly stalling. An auto-scan leads me to think that her car's cat converter may be clogged... Anyone with experience/thoughts please chime...
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    New VCDS computer... High DPI scaling?

    Hello, I recently upgraded my windows computer that runs VCDS. This laptop has a high resolution display and VCDS is all blurry. Will disabling scaling for the VCDS program cause any problems with the UI?
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    Anyone know what these codes mean?

    Hello all, Recently I've been pulling two codes with every auto scan on my 2014 CC. Code "2103041 - Control Module" has always shown up, but the "13637376 - Mobile Online Services " started popping up all of the sudden. Both are pretty low priority, so I'm not all that concerned. I'm just...
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    Auto-Unlock with Parking brake?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know, is it possible to set the door locks on my CC to unlock when the parking brake is activated? I often stop at UPS etc, I get out, try to open the trunk.. Oops.. locked. This is a minor inconvenience, but I was just curious if I could modify the auto lock behavior.
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    '12 Jetta wagon ABS pump bleed

    Hello all, The Jetta is due for new brake fluid... Could someone please explain to me the ABS pump bleeding procedure? I've found some information, but I could not find how many times I was supposed to repeat the procedure. I am using a Motive power bleeder to complete the bleed after the...
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    Control module for Telematic- No signal/communication intermittent

    Hello everyone, I've recently been getting a trouble code on CAN Gateway and telematics in my 14 CC. Any ideas? Thursday,16,February,2017,17:04:12:06958 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20170203 DS267.2...
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    CC RVC image upside down

    Hi everyone, I installed the OEM VW flip up badge RVC yesterday and I'm having a strange issue... Every other time I go into reverse, the image from the camera is upside down and there are no yellow grid lines. If the image shows up right side up I do get the yellow lines. Also, the image...
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    MFI Service menu- No reset option

    Hi, I have a 2012 Jetta and a 2014 cc. The Jetta has a reset option in the MFI service menu. The cc seems to have the same service menu except for the reset, the cc has no reset option. Is there any way to enable this menu option? I can reset the service warning by using VCDS, but the...