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    Meas. Blocks "grayed" out

    Hello, Rookie question here. I did my first attempt at data logging with VCDS yesterday, but noticed I had to use Adv. Meas. Values as opposed to Meas. Blocks. The Meas. Blocks button is not selectable on the control module I was wanting to log (01-Engine). Is there something I still need to...
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    Micro-Can or HEX-USB+CAN for Mk7 GTI

    I drive a Mk7 GTI (2015) am trying to decide on which Ross-Tech cable to buy, the Micro-CAN or the HEX-USB+CAN. I have read the Ros-Tech website and have done searches to help clarify what the differences are and cannot seem to find much specifics. As I understand it the HEX-USB+CAN can be...