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    2019 KAROQ - Fault Code

    A scan on my new Karoq is showing Status OK on all modules except for the following. I would like to know what is the likely cause of this fault and if I should be doing anything to sort it. Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels:| 5G0-920-XXX-17.clb-SRI3 Part No SW: 565 920 950 B...
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    Fabia 3 - Cruise Control Retrofit

    I am about to retrofit cruise control on My wife's Fabia 3. The car currently has speed control and I have checked that the BCM is correct. I have the genuine cruise control kit from Skoda which comprises of the new stalks and activation software The activation software with the kit simply...
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    Restoring Adaptation Channel Settings

    Having taken a 'whole vehicle' database of my vehicle I would like to know that if I ever need to do a restore of the 'whole vehicle' can this be done OR has each each module address to be restored separately?
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    Having recently purchased a HEX-V2 kit I wondered if anybody is aware of any training courses available in order to get the best experience of the purchase. OR Individuals who are prepared to give some paid training Preferably located in the North east of the UK.
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    Retrofit Cruise Control - Fabia 3

    I have just purchased a genuine Skoda cruise control retrofit kit for my wife’s Fabia 3. The kit comprises new steering column stalks to replace the factory fit stalks which only support speed control. The kit comes with activation software. The car already has the correct BCM. I am new to...
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    Forum status not verified??

    I registered on the forum before I had purchased and registered my VCDS. Is it possible that my forum status can be set as verified so that I can make posts.