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    Heated wheel for q5 2015

    Hi I know that my car never had an option to add heated wheel, however I'm sure it can be done. My steering module have an option of heated wheel but after selecting it I get error 31, out of range. I did not obtain heated wheel yet as I'm hunting for a deal just in-case I mess something up...
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    NAR tail lights to ROW Mod Q5 8.5

    Hi I decided to share with you the possibility of changing North America Region tail lights operation to Rest of World, where brake lights work separately with blinkers (indicators). I connected VCDS to #46 and after punching the security access code I change 4 adaptation channels: 195: from...
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    My 'new' Q5 2015 S-line Technik

    Hi Today, after 12 months without Audi I took a delivery of 2015 Q5. Since I live in Canada now I will be doing some retrofitting :) To start with need to buy set of winter wheels, will 17" fit onto my vehicle? Than I would like to install heated steering wheel, I already confirmed that...
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    2001 A6 Allroad (Pandora box)

    Hi 9 months after moving to Canada, my first customer and I end-up dealing with Audi Pandora Box; 2001 A6 Allroad with loads of electrical issues. Car had a major water leak via firewall sometime ago and apparently was running fine after Audi dealership replaced all submerged modules. Any...
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    Audi a3 g31 repeating issue

    Hello Friend of mine is having issues with G31. He replaced it some time ago and fault keeps returning. MAF sensor was also replaced. Just would like to add that engine has been mapped by previous owner. Log attached: Thursday,01,November,2018,20:26:39:54825 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    Audi A8 headlight range control issue

    Hi, friend of mine bought a8 2009, after purchase headlamp control fault appear on a dash. I done scan and headlight control module would not accept any coding, he bought another module, which came from Q7 and was coded to it. I tried to change coding to match a8 (0000018) after security access...
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    Audi a5 won't start

    Hi, My friends a5 died couple of days ago. Tuesday,03,April,2018,21:01:06:54825 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20180212 DS287.0 VIN: License Plate: DK12SHV Mileage: 145020km-90111mi Repair...
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    Side blinkers fault

    Hi I got A6 sline 2010 Le Mans. I swap headlamps with my friend who really wanted bi-xenon. We removed everything from car which need to be removed for full upgrade. After the swap I'm getting fault for both blinkers but my car do not have m18 and m19 as both side blinkers are in the mirrors...
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    audi q7 2013 3g+ auto mirror folding

    Hello I tried to activate auto mirrors on q7 from 2013 and despite activating mirror menu it doesn't appear in central locking menu, same as battery menu. Only change which was successful was aux heater menu. I tried to activate it via vcds or green menu with same effect...
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    DSG basic setting stack on group 061

    Hello I'm doing basic settings on DSG 02E and while doing it on group 061, keeps stacking on 139 in first box and will not go any further, no basic settings On ever appeared. Please find scan and log attached. Any ideas, pls? Saturday,09,September,2017,16:39:05:54825 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Q7 2007 upgraded front Cornerning light issue

    Hi Today I visited a guy who bought a stunning q7 from his work colleague. Previous owner done full facelift but few issues remained: Constant AFS fault on a dashboard and in #55 I tried to change coding with no luck (in #17 and #09) There was on coding in #55 in relation to AFS, but I noticed...
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    BSS no engine lable, dpf replacemenent problem

    Hi. I come across Skoda Super with BSS engine which had no label date on vcds: After exploded DPF and replacing it I can't get faults out :( Saturday,20,May,2017,11:13:16:54825 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version: 20170320 DS267.7...
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    Hi I would like to know, how long after sending pla/plb files to support update will be available, pls? I sent files 2day and kinda desperate to get it asap :) Regards Jocker01
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    Audi a6 4F before lift LED DRL dimming

    Hi. I had LED DRL for some time now and they did not throw any faults but flickering on 'cold check'. I decided to do something about it and changed coding for LED DRL and they stopped flickering but now they on all the time and sidelight fault appeared. I found some advise on another forum...
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    immo 4 key match doesn't work

    Hi. I'm straggling w immo 4 key match :( I managed to learn new speedo and when tried to adapt keys via #25 there is no adaptation channel 01 available. I got old and new immi pin code. please help. Saturday,11,February,2017,10:46:30:54825 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    A4 8T doesn't recognise keys

    Hello. I bought a car which doesn't recognise keys. Remotes doesn't work (batteries are fine), when sloted inside the ignition I can hear clicks from inside but no lights comes on. I connected vcds but not many modules respond without the key. I will attach scan later. Did anyone of you heard...
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    g85 issue

    VW golf MK5 After battery went flat, g85 shown fault. Basic settings done and show OK, but there is no activity from G85. measuring blocks show steerang n.init. I did try pretty much everything available online with no joy. I replaced g85 and steering module itself where g85 is connected. I...
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    rs4 8h hazard lights flash randomly

    Hello. Car has no fault but hazard relay keeps ticking and hazard lights flash completely random. ILM has been replaced with same results. any ideas, please? Regards Jocker01
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    Component protection on Central Electronics in RS4 8H

    Hello, Does anyone know the procedure to work on component protection in RS4 2007 (8H)? Wiki say: Channel 081: Component Protection To start the process of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) learning, enter/save 46992 as new value. Will I need do anything else, please? Regards Jocker01
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    a4 b5 ecu swap and instrument cluster immo match issue

    Hello, Friend of mine installed new ecu in to his a4 2000, he got it from Germany and I tried to match immo to the car and we have some issues, the immo II procedure doesn't seem to be working. In extras box I don't have VIN number but load of 'Y' and immo code. Is this normal? Regards Any...