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    EPC light on w/ 21 Engine faults - no running issues

    Hi - I just started the car up and I noticed the EPC light came on. There was no engine issue or misfire and the car ran normally. I did a scan and found 21(!) engine faults. Yikes! I cleared the codes and the 01-Engine block would not clear. When I went into 01-Engine and looked at the faults...
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    Disable washer fluid light on an Audi B8

    I have a B8 Allroad with a washer fluid warning light on. The sensor is good and I replaced it with no result, I jumped the wires in the connector with no result, in case the connector was faulty I cut the wires and tied them together with no result. It’s driving me mad and I’m not taking my...
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    2013 Audi Allroad B8 - intermittent hard start

    The past two days I've had three intermittent occurrences of a hard start while all other starts were normal, on a B8 2013 Audi Allroad. 1) Press Ignition Button : car fires and immediately stalls 2) Press Ignition Button Second Time: car continually cranks for ~5s before starting, after which...
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    Will a dead key fob stop the car from starting?

    My wife has our B8 Audi A4 several hours away, and the car won't start, won't crank, nothing. When the key is pushed in to turn on the ignition, no lights come on except a parking brake light, which turns off after a few minutes, the rear interior lights are on, and one brake light is on...
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    Car thinks it's unlocked when locked. Your thoughts on Fuel cap vs Door fault faults?

    I have an 2009 Audi A4 with a door lock issue. The door lock chirp vanished and then I noticed the rear right door wasn't locking. I replaced the lock module and that fixed the door lock. But the car does not chirp when I lock it. Furthermore, I can hear the auto-lock going on every time I slow...
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    ABS/Parking Brake lights on

    ABS/Parking brake malfunction :: throwing codes 01321/00473 My 2009 Audi B8 A4 Avant threw Parking Brake and ABS warning lights on the dash. In looking under the seat for a connection/wiring issue, I did find that the driver's seat belt wire was snapped off. Could that be the issue? Based on...
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    ABS incorrect coding all of a sudden

    The parking brake and ABS light came on recently on my 2009 Audi A4 Avant. In trying to diagnose I saw that the ABS module is “incorrectly coded”. I’ve never heard of something loosing its coding for no reason. No changes were made recently. Anyone know why/how this happened?
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    A/C issue related to "TPI 2033596/3". Anyone have info on what this is?

    I've got an ongoing A/C issue where, it works sometimes fine, and doesn't work other times. I see three faults which I've cross referenced with the Wiki. Looking at the common issues across the three faults, I see the ones in blue and red below. I'm not able to find any info on "TPI 2033596/3"...
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    Audi B8 A4 A/C starts and stops intermittently

    The other day the AC was working fine and then suddenly shut off. Another time it wouldn't come on and after 2hrs of driving it suddenly came on for the remaining 2hrs of the 4hr drive. At first I suspected the AC system needed to be recharded. But later, a recharge seemed unlikely since it...
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    Stalks retrofit - how do I enable onboard computer?

    I have an Audi B8 (2010 Audi Avant) with Premium trim, which does not have the onboard computer functionality. Through VCDS I was able to allow it to show in the MMI, so I can manually change the display to show AVG MPG vs Current MPG (for example). However, I want the onboard computer...
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    Using VCDS Control Module to enable 12V, Cigarette lighter

    I have a 2009 Audi A4 Avant with non-working 12v sockets/cigarette lighter. I've read in another thread that when all 12V sockets and cigarette lighter are not working (fuses/relay are good), you can enable them via VCDS (see below). Does anyone know which control module has the test for these...